Joint Guard 360 Review – Results, Benefits, Side Effects

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Joint pain is a surprisingly common issue affecting senior citizens and many younger people as well. There are so many causes: injuries, sprains, arthritis, strains, and so it’s tough for doctors to find one solution that fits all. Joint pain is also very painful, and you could find anything between mild discomfort or very painful side effects depending on your situation. It could even ruin your daily life as well, limiting your mobility. One solution that does work is eating healthy so that your bones and joints are stronger and less susceptible to joint pains. Some even take supplements like Joint Guard 360 that’s made with plant extract and minerals. The supplement is receiving rave reviews because its natural, safe, ease discomfort, and enhances flexibility. Let’s see what else this supplement can do.              

joint guard 360 review

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What is The Joint Pain?

Joint guard 360 is a new and improved nutraceutical that makes joint pain a little less of a nuisance. The formula is filled with necessary nutrients that strengthen your entire musculoskeletal system. It also claims to maintain muscles strength, bone composition, and joint health. Joint guard 360 has been recommended for people who have chronic inflammation, stiffness, pain, and swelling in joints and need a natural long-term solution. It contains only those natural herbs known to maintain overall joint health and provide necessary functional nutrition joints in various areas of your body.      

How Does It works?

Joint guard 360 comprises eleven natural ingredients like plant extracts and naturally occurring amino acids for soothing inflammation and promoting joint mobility. When used regularly along with your diet, the supplement can improve overall health and keep your joints in the best shape. The supplement specifically contains Bioperine, methionine, turmeric, and Boswellia extract. Quercetin and Glucosamine Sulfate maintain joint flexibility. These contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. There are other extracts, too, explained below, that can fight oxidative stress and inflammation.            

What is The Ingredients used in It?

Thrive Health Labs make this supplement. Their official site describes Joint Guard 360 being manufactured in the US with carefully selected pure, quality components. The supplement is put together in an FDA-registered facility under the guidance of CGMP regulations. Afterward, the company sends out its product for third-party testing for quality and purity assurance. The brand also takes the effort to address customers’ queries, give them the original product directly at affordable rates.      


This is a root that is used in lots of recipes and other supplements. It is s root that inhibits inflammation and, in this case, soothes sore joints and provides pain relief. Turmeric has antioxidant properties for improving joint and muscle health.       

Glucosamine Sulfate

This is the scientific term for a kind of sugar found in the cartilage found on the joints. It is softer and holds your bones together, buffering the friction created when bones move. When this cartilage isn’t supplemented by diet, it gets weaker and leads to painful joints. This supplement has this sugar in the formula, which repairs and strengthens joint cartilage when taken regularly. Then, your joints will be more lubricated, and you experience less pain when walking or when dealing with osteoarthritis.       

Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin Sulfate is similar toGlucosamine Sulfate, where it prevents reduced joint friction and pain prevention.   

Ginger extract

This is another root that has no side effects and aids osteoarthritis.

Boswellia Extract

There is just 40mg of the Boswellia extract added to the supplement as an anti-inflammatory agent. It prevents tendons from swelling and aids the management of joint pain.     


MSM has excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It boosts your immunity first, intending to prevent the degeneration of joints.      


Bioperine is a type of piperine extract that you find in black pepper. Its primary function is to protect the body from oxidative damage and inflammation. It enhances blood circulation so that the medicinal compounds and vitamins effectively reach your entire body.       


There is just 8mg of Bromelain extract added to the supplement. It is an enzyme find in pineapples that can improve joint health and cartilage. There is evidence that it can lower the intensity of pain as well.      

What is The Benefits of Joint Guard 360?

When your body isn’t able to repair the cartilage or bone around the joints quickly, your joints will begin to wear out. This is how swelling, tenderness, and arthritic pain start out, and you are then prescribe painkillers. Painkillers may work initially, but they block out pain and not target or solve the problem. JointGuard 360, on the other hand, can regulate that degeneration by controlling toxins, repetitive stress that may trigger inflammation that affects the muscles and joints.        

joint guard 360 results

Usually, the body creates a 5-LOX enzyme to fight inflammation and boost recovery. Too much of it might cause inflammation to be more severe, damaging knees and joints further. The supplement works by triggering that enzyme when it isn’t being produce in sufficient quantities and regulates it if there is too much of it. Users have experienced other benefits from Joint Guard 360, such as:

  1. Decreased pain for a longer period of time
  2. Improvement of the cardiovascular health and functioning
  3. Regulated production of the pain enzymes
  4. Improvement of the cognitive functions
  5. It is improvement of the immunity brain cells
  6. Improvement of the liver’s functionality that leads to better detoxification
  7. Overall reduction of inflammation and pain throughout the body
  8. Improvement of the health of muscle cartilage and joint tissues
  9. Better resistance to fractures caused by stress
  10. Enhanced antioxidant protection
  11. Better mood when you’re in less pain!
  12. Smoother, fresher skin   
joint guard 360 price

How to Buy and Use JointGuard 360

The supplement has to be taken twice daily for atleast a month, thirty minutes before eating meals. Some users may begin to see results in days of the thirty-day average analysis duration. The longer you use Joint Giard 360, the better its effects – so you should attempt a 90-day tryout.

You can only buy JointGuard 360 from the site to not get duped or end up overpaying for the supplement. A single bottle has been price at $149, with additional discounts for bulk orders: two bottles for $59 each and four bottles for $44 each with free shipping throughout the US.

joint guard 360 free shipping

They have provided a refund policy applicable on used and unused products if you’re not happy with the products or their benefits. The refund is valid for 180 days after your purchase.            

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